Quality Policy

Jai Auto Vehicles Pvt Ltd

We, Jai Auto, are committed to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver quality products on time and within budget. We are dedicated to continual improvement in our processes and stress accountability. We strive to do the right thing right and provide the extra service necessary to delight our customer’s .We pledge to:

• Honor our commitments.
• Treat our customers as partners when establishing design/projects, scope of services and cost and schedule expectations. Provide them with a voice in how their projects are executed.
• Ethically adhere to the systems and procedures on which we stand while maintaining an attitude which is conducive to customer defined quality achievement.
• Recognize our mistakes and communicate them to our customers for timely resolutions.
• Provide the best work environment and provide training opportunities to maintain competences, state-of-the-art capabilities and competitiveness.
• Strives for continued improvement.

Date: 30.07.2018